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Isla Margarita

€85.00 room per night


El Molino is a unique holiday location on the Isla de Margarita. The ONLY windmill in dutch style on the island.

Posada El Molino, affordable accommodation and lodging 56 photos


$69.00 person per night

House rental


Playa El Agua

$18.00 room per night


Old Spanish House on the coast

Posada Casa Rosa 9 photos

Playa El Agua

$25.00 person per night

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Bed and breakfast

Beautiful Inn with pool. 150 mts. from Playa el Agua beach. A. C. WiFi. kitchens, Cable TV

Posada Villa del Sol 12 photos

Puerto Fermin (El Tirano)

€36.00 room per night

Bed and breakfast

Posada Isla Margarita, villa-serena, familiar hostel, in an exotic environment, with international kindness

Villa Serena 7 photos